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Wasp Pest Control

June 22, 2017

There are many wasps out there, but the most common one is the paper wasp. These wasps are usually mistaken for yellow jackets with their narrow-waisted body and long legs, their color matches as well, black or brown with yellow markings. They are beneficial to gardeners because they are great at controlling insects that feed plants. They feed mainly off of nectar, but they also will eat larvae and caterpillars. But even though they may help your garden, be cautious, because they will sting if they feel threatened. Luckily, only females have the ability to sting, so make sure to stay away from them. There are not may ways to get rid of them without professional pest control, but there ...

Termite Pest Control and Considerations

June 22, 2017

Termites can be a real pain, some termites can infest dry wood, some can infest dry wood, some can infest damp wood, but they both can cause serious damage to your property. Dry wood termites can form colonies up to 2,500 members, and damp wood termites can reach wood that isn’t on the ground, they both look the same with their long and oval bodies, and their creamy white and brown colors. But they both can be a real pain. There comes a point at which getting a termite treatment becomes the only options. There are a few way to prevent them, however, and stay on guard. Some ways to prevent them are to check your home frequently for termite ...

Spider Pest Control

June 22, 2017

Spiders come in all different sizes, some are poisonous, some are not, some are big, some are so tiny, its almost impossible to see them in the grass. But the most famous one is the black widow, mostly because of its bulbous body and its infamous red hourglass pattern. males rarely bite, and when they do, they don’t sting as bad. but the females are a different story, they have a more protective and deadly venom. Even though they both are bad, they are known for getting rid of other annoying pests, but if one is in your home, you should probably contact a professional to remove it. Some ways to keep them out of your home is to reduce ...

Rodent Pest Control

June 22, 2017

There are all types of rodents, but the most common type is the house mouse. You can tell that its a house mouse if its body is gray, and it has cream colored belly. One female mouse can produce up to about 35 young mice a year. Since they populate so fast, a home can be overrun in a short time. Mice like to build nests on about anything they can get their hands on, like paper, cardboard, insulation, fabrics and a bunch of other things. They may not look tike much, but they can do serious property damage. Like chew on house wires, which can start huge fires if you let it. And they can also spread diseases, like ...

Other Pests

June 22, 2017

Pest problems can be annoying and destructive. Fortunately, at Pulento pest control, we have a ton of different solutions to annoying bird problems and other pests that are safe for your family and are safe for the environment. At Pulento, we know that pest problems can each be different and difficult to discuss over the phone, so we recommend that you give us the opportunity to come to your home or business and assess the situation. Of course this assessment is free of charge and gives us an opportunity to invent and present a plan of action to you. So call today and receive a free inspection and proposal. Most pest treatments can cost from one to three thousand dollars! While modern ...

Mosquito Pest Control

June 22, 2017

Mosquitoes are known all around the world, they are mostly gray with white, green, or silver scales and they have a narrow and oval body, their bites can be very annoying, they feed off your blood and can spread diseases like yellow fever, West Nile virus, and malaria. They are known for coming out at dusk and dawn. Some ways to stop these annoying pests is to put screens on all doors and windows, and to eliminate all standing water, and be cautious when going outside, they come out at dawn and dusk during the summer, and spring. if you need to go outside during these times, then you might want to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants. And ...

Ant Pest Control

June 22, 2017

Ants are typically found out doors, but can move indoors as well. the most common type of ant is the Pavement Ant. They are dark brown or black and have segmented and oval bodies.They have Colonies can grow large with over 4,000 workers, they can become a major nutcase. Their bites are not infectious, but they can be annoying. Plus, they eat almost anything, such as grease, meats, other insects, and much more. Some ways to get rid of them are to keep your house clean, especially kitchen and pantry areas, and pavement ants seek out moisture, so be careful of water spills, keep gardens neatly cut and trimmed and keep them away from house, and store firewood and other ...