Other Pests

June 22, 2017

Pest problems can be annoying and destructive. Fortunately, at Pulento pest control, we have a ton of different solutions to annoying bird problems and other pests that are safe for your family and are safe for the environment. At Pulento, we know that pest problems can each be different and difficult to discuss over the phone, so we recommend that you give us the opportunity to come to your home or business and assess the situation. Of course this assessment is free of charge and gives us an opportunity to invent and present a plan of action to you. So call today and receive a free inspection and proposal.

Most pest treatments can cost from one to three thousand dollars! While modern pesticides have given us many ways to effectively treat these pests, they still require a large amount of time, work, and materials.

Due to the numbers of calls we receive about these pests, Pulento Pest Control has created a program that gives our customers relief and removes the worry of ever having to deal with these expensive pests. For less than fifteen dollars per month, we offer our current customers the opportunity to take part in our Pest+ Guarantee that adds termites and bed bugs to our already impressive worry free guarantee. When you sign up for this guarantee, a professional inspection is performed on your home and a guarantee is issued for the next year, provided you continues their current pest control program.

Now you can stop worrying about expensive pests. Just another way that Pulento Pest Control is looking out for our customers.