Termite Pest Control and Considerations

June 22, 2017

Termites can be a real pain, some termites can infest dry wood, some can infest dry wood, some can infest damp wood, but they both can cause serious damage to your property. Dry wood termites can form colonies up to 2,500 members, and damp wood termites can reach wood that isn’t on the ground, they both look the same with their long and oval bodies, and their creamy white and brown colors. But they both can be a real pain.

Some ways to prevent them are to check your home frequently for termite markings. Termites leave droppings known as frass. Frass is a pile of pelletized wood that passes through the termite, each pellet of frass will have six sides and rounded.

After termite damage, there are only a few options that make sense – either receive a termite treatment that involves reconstructing for the damages, or get a quick treatment and find your own home builder that can professionally remodel. The obvious key here is prevention, both short and long term.

To keep damp wood termites from coming, do all you can to prevent moisture from entering wood structures. And keep wood structures from making contact with the ground. and alway try to keep water away from home using gutters. And always inspect wood before bringing it home.

Now that may seem like a lot of work, but our services can erase the threat of termites for good. With our pet and eco-friendly solution, we can make sure your homes stay in one piece. We know that with our services, you will be very pleased with our work, guaranteed. Our hard working professionals will get the job done right, and leave you satisfied and finally give you the peace you deserve. So stop worrying about your home being damaged, and call today.